ADR Boot Camp

ADR Boot Camp

Jeff-9_croppedRepairing a client’s vehicle is just the beginning of our work. Our true purpose as a company is to provide an educational service to those hoping to break into the paintless dent repair industry. The demand for paintless dent removal services is steadily climbing. The paintless dent removal industry has massive business and relatively few people in it. The earning potential for those that are willing to practice and get better ranges from low to mid six figure incomes.

Considering ADR’s sterling reputation in the paintless dent repair industry, there couldn’t be a better time to undergo dent removal training! At Automotive Dent Repair, owner Jeff Taylor has developed and refined ADR Boot Camp – a four-week program meant to introduce you to the basics of the paintless dent repair industry. Trainees can expect to learn the basics of PDR all the way to developing their own expertise of the industry.

His approach to teaching is different than that currently being taught and much more effective. Our auto dent repair training is a progression of skill sets and each level must be mastered and requires immense amounts of practice for mastery. Hail damage removal is the highest level and takes time to get to. However, there are many people in the dent fixer side that do very well working with car dealers and on their own.

What to expect from our auto dent training?

From plastic bumper repair, to fix car dents, potential trainees should expect a rigorous course that will challenge their skills and become better at dent repair and removal.


Monday- Friday 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Introduction to PDR and demonstration of PDR

Learning eye and hand coronation (exercise) practice hood panel

Finding the tip of tool, making proper pushes = clean work practice (exercise) practice hood panel

Understanding bad pushes (exercise) tapping trapped metal

Understanding highs and lows (exercise) tapping practice
Building confidence

Explanation of different styles of dents

How to properly read the fade of lighting to understand the definition of dents

Proper tool selection

Removal of small dents dime size (practice exercise) to fix large dents you must master small dents first



Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00

Building your tool set

Glue pulling (a must) understanding metal Memory (practice exercise)

Pressure release of metal crowns (practice exercise)

Tapping and blending panels (a must) (practice exercise)

Double metal panels no drill (practice exercise)

Crease dents (practice exercise)

Reshaping dents before fixing (a must)

Practice small dents dime to nickel size

All training is hands on by Jeff Taylor with professional tools in hand

During the course of our 4-week training, our trainees will progress step by step under the hands-on supervision of Jeff Taylor. The students will complete each step of the curriculum in an order manner to develop their coordination and mastery of the process and the tools. However, like any trade skill, mastering the craft takes time, patience and determination. Even with the four-week program, our trainees will be expected to practice extensively in order to master all the skill sets at each level of the course.